Bottega historical

Bottega historical

Historic shops of Trentino

Historic shops (pursuant to Article 2 c.1 of Annex B to the Provincial Council Resolution No. 539 of 25/3/2011) are considered to be retail businesses in fixed locations, public businesses for the administration of food and drink and artisan businesses (which carry out sales of their products), even if located outside the historical places of commerce, which have the following requirements:

A) have been operating for at least fifty years in the same premises and in the same product sector (or in similar sectors), regardless of any changes in name, sign, management or ownership, provided that the original characteristics have been maintained of the activity; this requirement may be subject to derogation in the case of transfer to other premises in the city, provided that the product or service characterization has remained unchanged;

B) presence in the premises, in the furnishings, both internal and external, of elements, tools, equipment and documents of particular historical, artistic, architectural, environmental and cultural interest, or particularly significant for the tradition and culture of the place, visible to the public , which offers a clear visibility to the common person, that is, not equipped with particular technical and cultural knowledge, of the functional and structural connection with the activity carried out and gives the sense of an evident rooted in time of that activity.

List of historic shops in Trentino, governed by art. 63 of the provincial law 17/2010 "Discipline of commercial activity".